tvC: The Movie

For those of you who don’t know, thevisualCollective is a project a few friends and I started about a year ago. Basically ‘Creative Outfitting’ we take groups of creative types to location to be inspired and make art in whatever form that might be. We have been gathering a head of steam in Flagstaff and around Northern Arizona, featured in several galleries, arts & entertainment newspapers and in our collaboration with local business.

In October three participants on our tvC 4.0 Havasupai outing produced a short documentary project about our little group. After months of anxious waiting, it debuted at the Flagstaff Student Film Festival, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Please take the 6 or 7 minutes to watch it, and be sure to check out all the happenings over at thevisualCollective’s web site for free contests, photography, videos and lots of DIY projects…

Thanks again to Talia, Lauren and Nicole for all the hard work, hope to see you again on another tvC outing in the future…


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