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The last three weeks or so

I really do want to try and get a post like this up each week, haven’t quite been able to yet, but I’m working on it…For your consideration, here are a few favorites from the past three weeks or so. Click on an image to enter the slide show and view caption info etc etc…Enjoy.


Winter Storm On It’s Way

Flagstaff is supposed to be hit with what could be our first real winter storm this weekend. I drove to the edge of the Mogollon Rim to check out the clouds as they roll into Flagstaff. Although it came close, the sun never broke through the clouds to give a little color to the sunset; however, considering the frigid nature of this storm system, I think I prefer the cold color palette in these photos…

Traffic Boosting Cow

mahoney_20131015_8658So let’t try this again…Following the success of other traffic boosting animal portraits on this site, I present you, my little droogies, with a traffic boosting cow. View of San Francisco Peaks from Rogers Lake County Natural Area.


Sunrise On The Edge Of The World

mahoney_20130726_01246Spent Thursday night camping on the edge of the Mogollon Rim with a group of friends. This spot offers unparalleled views of the edge of the rim and into Sedona. The above shot was taken just before sunrise out of a rock precipice several hundred feet above the canyon floor, there is quite a bit of fog and some monsoon rain clouds in the distance…


More Photograms

mahoney_20130619_00999A riff on the same, I can’t get enough of these graphic/documentary style images. With the UV rays climbing up here on the mountain, and summer boredom setting in, I have another series of photograms for your enjoyment. Hit the link to see the gallery… Continue reading

BTS Orpheum Shoot

Just a quick behind the scenes shot from an equally quick shoot with the owners of The Orpheum Theatre here in Flagstaff, Ariz. This editorial shoot is being used for press releases celebrating their 10th anniversary owning the theatre after saving it from the dust heap…Thanks to Kayla (Orpheum marketing) and Jared (my trusty V.A.L.) for helping me with this shoot. I may do a full bts write up once the images are published (don’t want to scoop the client).

What I Did With My Summer Vacation::Preview

Just a quick cell phone image of the proof prints from my ‘Then and Now’ project that I have been working on over the last few month for the City of Flagstaff. More info to follow in the coming weeks, for now just know that I am glad to call this project a wrap…


Busy Bee

Just a quick post to break up the blog stream a little. There were several bees enjoying the sunflowers outside my house today, captured this little guy with my Nikon D300s, Nikkor Micro 55mm with +4 magnification filter attached, handheld. Virtually no post processing, this really deserves to be viewed large…

Assisting in Flagstaff

The view from my office today…Awake at 4:45 for a 6am call time, I assisted Mike Sugrue on an editorial shoot for Field and Stream Magazine this morning. Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots I fired off… Continue reading

July 4th in Flagstaff

I was out-and-about shooting the 4th of July parade and associated festivities this morning here in Flagstaff, Ariz. Rather than discuss each photo, I will let them stand for themselves, hit the first one to enter the slide-show.

The morning started with a 5 mile fun run (seems like a contradiction to me), followed by the parade and concluded with a good-old-fashioned hotdog eating contest…