Pano Pandemonium Pt. 2

Shot several panoramic images yesterday, thought I would share them with everyone. They are all taken around Northern Arizona University during and after my classes yesterday. Above is the second floor loby of the School of Communication. Click on each image to view it slightly larger. Hit the link for several more…

The outside of the School of Communication, and First Amendment Plaza.

Across campus at the Student Union.

The new Native American Cultural Center.

We didn’t have a lot of new business to cover in class last night, I released class early and gave an optional demo of how to shoot and stitch panorama’s. Not many stayed, but a few did (I don’t think they were actually as bored as they look in this image, they were under instruction to not move a lot when I shot this). Above is my 3-4pm class.

The class room shots are 4-5 images each, the other shots above are at least 5-7 and up to nine images. All are about 70″ long in full resolution. Above is my 5-6pm class (at least those who stayed for the demo)

Quite a few more stayed from my 6-7pm class. I thought that about 4 students out of 30 staying for an optional lecture was pretty good, but I had about 8 from this class.



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