Some Studio Snaps

Sunday I assisted Matt Beaty in the studio shooting t-shirts and hats for a start-up clothing company ‘Sea Level Sucks.’ After a full day of running the computer, setting up lights and generally helping out with the clients I was tired. I watched Matt put down hundreds of frames all afternoon and needed to get my creative angst out (it isn’t fair that someone else should get to shoot all day and I don’t get a single frame) As it so happened, another photographer, Dhalia Stack, was using the studio facility that day, shooting some photos of Rachel (above). Being an unabashed model thief, and seeing a cool outfit as they came in, I asked if I could shoot a few frames (no more than 12, I only had one roll of 120 for the Hasselbald)…

Many thanks to Rachel for putting up with my quick concept and mild technical difficulties. I just wanted something clean that showed the outfit and the person as well.

Somewhat catalogueish, on grey with one big light source. Quick, simple and effective. For those who want to know, the technical stuff is as follows…

Hasselblad 500cm w/80mm planar lens. 1/250 @ ~f/9. One Profoto D1 w/ 5′ Octa-box high camera right, one Profoto D1 w/ 3′ Octa-box directly below first light. Giant white foam core reflector camera left for some fill. Shot on Kodak 400 T-Max, developed in HC-110 Dil. E. Scanned on a Hasselblad FlexTight X5, and processed in Photoshop.

Just wanted to show what I did this weekend, hope you enjoy. Processing another shoot from this evening, stay tuned for soem uncharted territory…


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