FujiChrome Hunting

As I have alluded to in (many) previous posts, I loves me some FujiChrome and I love putting it through my Yashica Mat 124-G. After a long and arduous journey, I have finally developed and processed a few rolls that were kicking around the studio since summer-time. Hit the link to see the rest and discover a whole new world of color. As always, click the photos to see a larger version…A good friend and painter, Will Ambrose in his studio. Taken while I was staying with him for a few weeks…

Another painter friend, Mike Frick in the alley behind Will’s house…

Your-Friend-And-Humble-Narrator looking angst-ridden as ever…

Just another untitled composition…

Power-line composition #324

Power-line composition #247

Power-line composition #536

I really like this building located on the North edge of NAU, and shoot it frequently…

Lake Mary at sunset…

A special treat for those of you who decided to stay right up until the end. The Yashica is prone to jamming and double exposing the first shot of a new roll. This has led to some very interesting photos, like the one above. A field near Lake Mary with an additional tree-line in the sky…




2 responses to “FujiChrome Hunting

  1. Nice set of pics. I enjoy your blog. The double exposure at the end is oddly appealing. I have a couple of Yashica TLR’s and that seems to be a weak point.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the support! I enjoy hearing that people actually look at what I am doing…Glad to hear it isn’t just my Yashica that has that problem, it only seems to jam on the first frame of most rolls, don’t know why, guess I will just go with it for now…

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