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Land of The Lost Roll pt.3…FireFly Portraits

What once was lost, now is found…again…This summer I attended and photographed the FireFly Music Festival near Flagstaff, Ariz. While there I played a little with my new-at-the-time Mamiya RB67. One of the many thing that inspired my curiosity at FireFly, was the diversity of people in attendance. Everyone from school teachers to quasi-homeless ‘traveling’ types, and everyone in between. I wanted to shoot a few portraits, so I did…Click on an image to enter the slideshow…

Found this lost roll of FujiChrome in the strangest spot…exactly where I should have left it…Although I could have/wish I had shot many more, patience and weather did not permit this happening…perhaps next year…



FujiChrome Hunting

As I have alluded to in (many) previous posts, I loves me some FujiChrome and I love putting it through my Yashica Mat 124-G. After a long and arduous journey, I have finally developed and processed a few rolls that were kicking around the studio since summer-time. Hit the link to see the rest and discover a whole new world of color. As always, click the photos to see a larger version… Continue reading

Mamiya RB67

Back for an almost unprecedented second post in one day. This time to share a shot from my other new friend, the Mamiya RB67. I have put several rolls through this bad-boy, some of which you have seen here. After two weeks, I finally got my FujiChrome back from the lab (more to come tomorrow). In the mean time enjoy this detail of a stand up bass some one had in downtown Prescott a few weeks ago.