I’m a Star Now

As you may or may not know, in addition to working for the local Flagstaff newspaper, The Arizona Daily Sun, I spend half my week working in a professional darkroom (yes that’s still a thing) making prints for all sorts of clients. Artists, government agencies and other private individuals are among the people I work with. I have prints that are in the Library of Congress, the JFK Library, hotels, offices as well as galleries and homes all over the country. Specific clients that I do regular printing for include Dan Budnik, Shane Knight, David Brookover, Jerry Jacka and more…

Recently a student at Northern Arizona University, Nick Humphries, approached me to ask if he could do a short documentary project for class about me and what I do photographically. After talking for a while, I suggested that while the newspaper is interesting, he should see what I do at the darkroom. He did, I talked into a microphone about it and below is the finished project. I thought it came out pretty well, enjoy…

Update::There was a slightly updated version of the video that includes a few more photos and a surprise ending featuring surprise stuff.


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