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Just Some Powerlines

In an effort to beak up the blog roll a little, I present you with some new compositions. People often ask me, what do you take pictures of? My usual answer is, “mostly power lines.” These industrial forms speak to me, I see the contrast between them and clouds, trees and more as very interesting…

At a recent showing of some of these images, I wrote a short piece to help describe my thinking…

Industrial Compositions

“Mathematics would certainly have not come into existence if one had known from the beginning that there was in nature no exactly straight line, no actual circle, no absolute magnitude.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

I am intrigued by the walls we build to construct and divide our reality. The images presented here are intended to highlight the places where the natural world and the man-made one collide. The natural and organic shapes of plants, animals and people juxtaposed against the hard, angular and artificial forms of man-made objects.

Sometimes I have taken these industrial forms and isolated them. By looking at man-made objects out of context and through the lens of abstraction I aim to highlight the individual form and functional beauty of industrial objects. I try to divide each frame in a very conscious way, everything exactly where it should be, not unlike the way we divide our world with these forms.

By carrying a camera most everywhere I go, I am able to capture the world as I see it, highlight the beauty I find in the mundane, overlooked or everyday and share my vision with others. It is my sincere hope that these images will inspire others to slow down enough to really see the world around them and appreciate the details that are an integral part of our reality.

This portfolio of images represents a selection of photographs collected all over the world over the last six years. These photos are shot with both digital and analogue capture methods and a variety of camera systems.

The above images were all shot on my Nikon FM with Ilford F+ Pan 50, but more on that later…