Land Of The Lost…Roll

Deep in the bowels of my refrigerator…bottom shelf, behind the cheese, next to the plastic heart (yes I keep a plastic heart in my fridge) and around the corner from the un-exposed film stash sat an exposed roll of Kodak 400TX. Forgotten by the pages of time and left in a cryogenic-type stasis, the latent images taken a few months ago on my Kodak Bantam were unearthed this evening…You may remember seeing some other examples from this unique camera  a while back, but just in case check them out here. Now that we are all on the same page hit the link below to see this latest discovery…

Top image is a government building in Flagstaff, Ariz.Above, an interesting take on the Catholic church across from my house.

Industrial Composition somewhere in Flagstaff…Maybe in the alley behind the Monte Vista…

A double or triple exposure of the Bank of America building and some trees/power lines…

Power line composition

Again, at least two exposures…Both taken from about the same place in front of Macy’s Coffee. One of the front of the building and another of a giant wave of spandex clad bicyclists that rode by…maybe one more?

The view from my front door

Your Humble Friend and Narrator…This looks like maybe more than one exposure and I am not sure who took it, probably Katie…

To answer that burning question my current process for 35mm is as follows…Shot on Kodak 400TX film stock, Developed in Kodak HC110 Dil. B, digitized using my DIY copy stand and processed using Nix Silver effects 2 software in Photoshop…


2 responses to “Land Of The Lost…Roll

  1. The portrait works well – thanks

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