Land Of The Lost Roll Pt. 2 – Return to FujiChrome Island…

Once again I have found a roll (or in this case two) that have until now escaped my careful eye for some reason or another. If you study your history you will undoubtably remember a post on this blog a few months ago of a similar title detailing the discovery of a roll of exposed film in the deepest bowels of my refrigerator. If not, then please follow this link to catch up…

Now hit the link below to see what was unearthed in this, the latest discovery in an ever expanding archive…

This time it wasn’t an unexposed roll but a box of slides that had been forgotten and buried in a book shelf. At the time I had them developed I was probably upset that the film was apparently very expired. If an image came out at all it was almost totally green, with a few negatives managing to hang on to some red and yellow tones.

The two rolls were taken around Flagstaff sometime between 2010-2011. They were developed in October 2011 and put away until now. Something in the odd/muted color palette stuck out to me this time. It has an interesting vintage look. That is when the negative can be saved of course. When the color can’t be saved, sometimes the content still can when converted to gray scale…

The next few shots are portraits taken sometime in the spring of 2011 around Northern Arizona University. Above: While helping a friend with a photo shoot for class I stole a few minutes with his model. The trade off for saving the content of the image is the loss of color and lots of grain, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Something I set up in the studio, I think these two were shooting each other for an assignment and I made them sit for me.

While I wish the color had worked, these are nice as black and white too…

Not sure who this is, a friend of a friend maybe, there was part of an unidentifiable face in the left of the frame that I cropped out. Thought it was a nice moment/street portrait.

Now what to do with the dozen or so unexposed rolls of this film still sitting around the house…

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