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‘Best’ of 2012

Here on the last day of 2012 I have compiled a ‘Best’ of reel (I use the term ‘best’ loosely) These images represent my creative journey this year, and while I may have shot better work, these are some of my favorites. Click on an image to enter the slide show and enjoy…they are in approximately the following order…compositions, disco-tec, studio portrait, location portrait, critters…


Artist Portraits

What follows are a few portraits of my painter friend Will Ambrose. The above shot reminded me of the Bad Religion album cover “The Empire Strikes First.” Will thought this was his “I’m going to work at IBM” look…

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My Mamiya Mit Mid Morning Meridian

Stopped by the Photo 285 summer session class at Northern Arizona University for a few days this week. The students were shooting in the studio all week and I hung out, helped a few students and shot a little too. Recently I have been on a natural light kick, so in keeping with that tradition I put down a few frames of Stormy outside the Communication building and in a stairwell with floor to ceiling windows… Continue reading

First Frame

Another quick post,  somewhat similar to my last post, but oh so different…While the lighting is the same, the model is different; and perhaps more importantly the camera is new. This is the first frame I shot on my new (at least to me) Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD. Super excited to explore the possibilities with this new piece of gear. Gotta love the 6×7 negative and 180mm lens. Shot on Fuji Acros with three ProFoto D1 heads.

Fitness Preview

I recently had the pleasure of photographing an old friend, Robert, who is a personal trainer in Prescott, Ariz. He is breaking into the world of fitness modeling and competition and as such needed some shots for his portfolio. I put down several hundred frames on my trusty digital Nikon, but couldn’t resist a little time with the Hasselblad. Hit the link for more… Continue reading

Havasupai::tvC 4.0

And so I’m back from outer-space and blogging again. Although it has been a while since my last posting, don’t be fooled, I have been busy working on a number of projects; the blog just wasn’t one of them…

Now on to new business. A few weeks ago thevisualCollective and I traveled to the remote and incredibly beautiful Havasupai reservation deep within the Grand Canyon. About a 10-12 mile hike in with all your gear for three days, I decided to go light. I only brought one camera with one lens and a small tripod. The Canon AE-1 with a 28mm fixed lens was the weapon of choice. I shot one roll of Kodak TX-400 (my go to film stock), one roll of Illford SFX 200 (kind of a faux infrared) and several rolls of Fujichrome slide film (one of my new favorites)

What follows are some of my personal favorites from the trip, there are many more but these are my personal pick…

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Lenny Walkabout

For any of you who might get a chuckle out of the title of this post I am sorry for the lost hours of your life that you will never get back (not really, it was fun). For everyone else, just know that I have been a little walkabout lately and have some street scenes to prove it. This post is a little all over the place, but hang tough and be rewarded. Hit the link to see what I have been doing the last few week or so…

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Las Vegas Street Portraits Etc.

This weekend I had the opportunity to join the Royal Enfield team at the ProfitX Motorcycle conference in fabulous Las Vegas, Nev. While there I got out one night and put down some frames of the people around the Fremont Street Experience area of Las Vegas. What follows is a series of candid(ish) street portraits taken Monday night…

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A Day In The Life

Just another day in the life…Haven’t posted in a while so thought I would give all you, my loyal friends and followers this little update…This guy was sitting outside my house this morning, had to grab him for the bug collection. Hit the link for a few more shots from my journeys around town today…

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Land Of The Lost…Roll

Deep in the bowels of my refrigerator…bottom shelf, behind the cheese, next to the plastic heart (yes I keep a plastic heart in my fridge) and around the corner from the un-exposed film stash sat an exposed roll of Kodak 400TX. Forgotten by the pages of time and left in a cryogenic-type stasis, the latent images taken a few months ago on my Kodak Bantam were unearthed this evening…You may remember seeing some other examples from this unique camera  a while back, but just in case check them out here. Now that we are all on the same page hit the link below to see this latest discovery…

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