Google Image Search Results…

Did you know you can search Google by dragging and dropping an image from your computer? Google will scour the internet and show you everywhere that image appears. Yup, it’s true…While is isn’t breaking news by any means, I did a Google Image search for one of my images just to see if it appeared anywhere on the internet is wasn’t supposed to…Hit the link to see the results…

After searching for this image, I didn’t find anything odd. It was on someones blog who found it on Google+ but I was credited in the gallery of truly amazing cloud/landscaps from all around the web (how did this get in there).

Google does suggest a list of ‘Visually Similar Images’. The following was on of the top results…

Something in the color palette I guess…

One response to “Google Image Search Results…

  1. The last one was hilarious…:D

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