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Self-Portrait Preview

Early this fall I began work on a series of self portraits. Not portraits of me specifically, but portraits taken by the subjects themselves…I left my gear set up all the time and had the camera on a wireless trigger with a large mirror set up behind. Anyone who stopped by the house was requested to stand in for a few portraits exactly as they were. I felt that if the subjects knew the exact instant they were to be photographed (by pressing the remote shutter button) their reactions, poses and everything else would be more genuine or at least somehow different than if I were to stand behind the camera and decide when the moment was right. The progression from the first photo a subject took until the last is often quite interesting. Often they started unsure, shy and timid, then progressed to some state of enjoyment. Although the full series is not presented here, this is a small preview of a few favorites…

The device you can see in most of the subjects hands is the remote trigger. Although this project is ongoing, I have been at a standstill on it for several months, stop by sometime and take your portrait if you are in the neighborhood…


Just Another Stranger Portrait

While shooting the monthly Visual Collective Free PhotoBooth, I captured a quick portrait of this gentleman. He was standing in our backdrop but didn’t realize it, so I ditched the pocket wizard, opened up to f/3ish and grabbed some nice light provided by open shade.

Electric Kingdom In 3-D

It’s time once again to share with everyone my photos from Electric Kingdom. If you are new around these parts, Electric Kingdom is a monthly electronic music and live art party here in Flagstaff, Ariz. As usual you can check out all my roaming shots by heading over to the EK Facebook page here… However, this month was a little different. Last month I did a series of portraits in glorious 3-D, which you can view here… These were shot on two tripods, with the focal length marked in the dirt and were generally static and tedious to shoot. Never one to be satisfied, I decided to try and build a bracket that would allow me to shoot two professional dslr’s at the same time with off camera flash at the night club (or really anywhere). I thought the motion and blurry lights would lend themselves to 3-D very well, and generally they did, but the rabbit hole went deeper than I had anticipated… Continue reading