Fitness Preview

I recently had the pleasure of photographing an old friend, Robert, who is a personal trainer in Prescott, Ariz. He is breaking into the world of fitness modeling and competition and as such needed some shots for his portfolio. I put down several hundred frames on my trusty digital Nikon, but couldn’t resist a little time with the Hasselblad. Hit the link for more…

While I did some details digitally, we mostly focused on somewhat wider shots. With the film, I wanted to get a little more compositional.

These are all shot on Kodak 400 TMax. A nice film stock, slightly grainy and great detail/contrast.

Basic one light setup. Profoto D1 with a 3′ round soft-box and a black vinyl sweep.  I wanted to get a very compositional and contrasty look. Stay tuned for more from this shoot (the digital stuff) in a week or two. Funny that the film got finished before the digital…



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  2. This is very nice Blog . Keep it up…….

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