Fitness Preview pt. Deux

In recent times, I have been interested in shooting figure details similar to this. You can see more here… I have bigger plans for these negatives, but that project is going to take quite some time. Until then, I will share some of the images I get along the way. Hit the link to see some more…

This group of people were fit/athletic, but they were gymnasts, unlike Robert (from the last shoot) who is into weight lifting/body building. All are fit and muscular, but in much different ways.

More legs…

This is from a completely different shoot. I was helping a friend in the studio and as payment I told him I wanted to put down a few frames of his model. These are quite different from what he was doing, check out his graphic novel inspired series here…

All of the above images were shot on my Mamiya RB67. The first round were shot on Kodak T-Max 100. The last shot was actually FujiChrome that I converted to Black and White. It looked nice in color, but I wanted black and white. There are more, but like the title implies, this is a preview…



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