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Arts and Entertainment

2013-04-11Careful readers of this blog may remember seeing a post a few weeks ago about a fashion centric photo exhibition I am taking part in. This week, Flag Live, the local A&E publication, did a full story on the show and used many of my images with the text. While not the first Flag Live spread I have been featured in, this is one I am particularly proud of. If you aren’t in Flagstaff to get an issue yourself, head over to the Flag Live Website to check out the article and accompanying photos…



Fashion Exhibit

902207_10200344259227572_1423207091_oeveryWEAR: Visions + Thoughts on Fashion

I am participating in a collaborative photo exhibit at the Flagstaff Photography Center opening April 5th. There is a pre-opening party and discussion Thursday, April 4th where the participating artist and other fashion minded people will be discussing how fashion inspires them. If you are in or near Flagstaff, Ariz. during the first three weeks of April, don’t miss this exhibit. I have a bunch of new work showing and would love to see some of your faces. Find out more details on the Facebook Event Page Here…

Land of The Lost Roll pt.3…FireFly Portraits

What once was lost, now is found…again…This summer I attended and photographed the FireFly Music Festival near Flagstaff, Ariz. While there I played a little with my new-at-the-time Mamiya RB67. One of the many thing that inspired my curiosity at FireFly, was the diversity of people in attendance. Everyone from school teachers to quasi-homeless ‘traveling’ types, and everyone in between. I wanted to shoot a few portraits, so I did…Click on an image to enter the slideshow…

Found this lost roll of FujiChrome in the strangest spot…exactly where I should have left it…Although I could have/wish I had shot many more, patience and weather did not permit this happening…perhaps next year…


My Mamiya Mit Mid Morning Meridian

Stopped by the Photo 285 summer session class at Northern Arizona University for a few days this week. The students were shooting in the studio all week and I hung out, helped a few students and shot a little too. Recently I have been on a natural light kick, so in keeping with that tradition I put down a few frames of Stormy outside the Communication building and in a stairwell with floor to ceiling windows… Continue reading

Fitness Preview pt. Deux

In recent times, I have been interested in shooting figure details similar to this. You can see more here… I have bigger plans for these negatives, but that project is going to take quite some time. Until then, I will share some of the images I get along the way. Hit the link to see some more… Continue reading

It’s All In The Details

As the name of this post might imply, the following are a series of detail shots taken recently at a British car rally in Prescott, Ariz. All are shot in the Mamiya RB67 with either FujiChrome Provia or Fuji Acros 100. I’m not sure of what each car is, so if you know tell me in the comments… Continue reading

Mamiya RB67

Back for an almost unprecedented second post in one day. This time to share a shot from my other new friend, the Mamiya RB67. I have put several rolls through this bad-boy, some of which you have seen here. After two weeks, I finally got my FujiChrome back from the lab (more to come tomorrow). In the mean time enjoy this detail of a stand up bass some one had in downtown Prescott a few weeks ago.

First Frame

Another quick post,  somewhat similar to my last post, but oh so different…While the lighting is the same, the model is different; and perhaps more importantly the camera is new. This is the first frame I shot on my new (at least to me) Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD. Super excited to explore the possibilities with this new piece of gear. Gotta love the 6×7 negative and 180mm lens. Shot on Fuji Acros with three ProFoto D1 heads.