Pano Pandemonium

Lots and lots of panoramas in the last few weeks. Here are a few examples of the more successful ones. Above is a ruined building at Rholyte, Nev. I believe this is 4 or 5 images. Be sure to click the images to see them a little larger. (most of these are between 70-150″ long in full size, and had to be massively downscaled for web.)

Hit the link for more…

Badwater Basin Salt Flats, the Lowest point in North America. This is a 5 image stitch.

Same as above, except out on the salt. An 8 image panorama.

Another building at Rholyte. This is a 4 image pano.

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. This is a 12 image stitch.

A 7 image pano near Death Valley Junction.

While this last one has nothing to do with the desert, it is a 4 or 5 image pano taken inside a house.

I like the wide angle distortion in a few of these images. The panoramic process is quite difficult and time consuming. But with the right know-how, gear and software, the process can be quite rewarding…More to come on these other points in a future post.


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