tvC::San Francisco Volcanic Field::

Yesterday I found myself exploring the landscape North of Flagstaff, Ariz. with some friends from thevisualCollective. We had lights, scrims, fills and a new model friend Vanessa…Hit the link to see more and find out all about this steller afternoon.

The above image was the main thing I wanted to accomplish while out on the lava flow. Kind of a stark, gritty feeling; lots of contrast and a lady in high-heels. Considering the wind was gusting probably up to 20mph, and she is inches from a neck-breaking fall onto jagged rocks, Vanessa did a great job and was a trooper.

Something else new to this shoot was the limited edition tvC color checker t-shirt. A collaboration between Andee (above) and myself, I was able to take all my white balance info from this beauty with a remarkable degree of success. No longer do we have to worry about misplacing or carrying that extra piece of gear…

After everyone executed their concepts on the main lava flow, we headed about half a mile South to some monolithic rocks and shot some more…

These are not quite as simple as they may look…can you guess why?

To add some diversity I did a whole different concept on the shade side of the monolith.

I wanted a softer, not so gritty concept. Great light and some tight shots made it fairly easy and I think somewhat successful.

Finally some behind the scenes type stuff…

Some of our participants heading back to the car

Gettin’ weird with some color infrared

Your-Humble-Friend-And-Narrator sporting the color checker shirt.


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