Instant(ish) Gratification and Solarization

Yesterday afternoon, I took a little walk with my Speed Graphic 4×5 camera and some Polaroid type 55 film. I have never had any luck with it, but felt like this was my day, and in many ways it was (i actually got some images). Hit the link to see and read more…

The above image was solarized somehow when I took it out of the development sleeve. The print was fine, but the lower-half of the negative got reversed by the sun.

The last two were fine and not reversed in any way, go figure…I like the way that the chemistry spreads somewhat un-evenly across the negative and blends the tones/shapes of the image together. This is especially noticeable on the left of the above image and in the sky of the leading photo. Again, the prints came out fine, but the negatives, which I scanned and am presenting here, have some interesting quirks.

Not everything came out, I had three or four shots that didn’t work at all *sigh* The developing chemical didn’t spread much at all, technical failure, or something else. I guess that’s the price you pay for working with a dead and expired film stock. At about $4-a-pop mistakes are expensive with this system. I plan on shooting quite a bit more Polaroid this summer so stay tuned for the results. Also if you have any 4×5 Polaroid film kicking around and want to donate it to the cause (or a monetary  donation to fund more), I will be eternally grateful and provide you with a custom print of your choice…


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