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Photograms::Bored Summer Daze

rust5While bored at home this sunny afternoon, I decided to play with some photograms…subjects range from found rust to plants and a negative too. Mediums are either cyanotype or silver halide photo paper, all sun-exposed…I have a gallery over on taylor mahoney photography’s facebook page…head over that way to check out the rest.



Grasshopper Madness

There is a patch of wild mint growing around my friend Willie’s house. In that patch of mint are innumerable grasshoppers. What follows is a selection of images showing the variety of colors, sizes and shapes these six-legged insects presented us with this afternoon… Continue reading

Busy Bee

Found this little guy dead on the sidewalk on my way home the other day. Truth be told, there is nothing little about him, it is one of the largest bumble bees I have ever seen. Thought I would share…

Instant(ish) Gratification and Solarization

Yesterday afternoon, I took a little walk with my Speed Graphic 4×5 camera and some Polaroid type 55 film. I have never had any luck with it, but felt like this was my day, and in many ways it was (i actually got some images). Hit the link to see and read more… Continue reading