It’s All In The Details

As the name of this post might imply, the following are a series of detail shots taken recently at a British car rally in Prescott, Ariz. All are shot in the Mamiya RB67 with either FujiChrome Provia or Fuji Acros 100. I’m not sure of what each car is, so if you know tell me in the comments…

Same car as above, detail of the gas cap.

The air intakes. I had shot a few more cars, but lost a few images to technical failure. This yellow car had such exotic lines and an obviously bright color, I spent several frames on it.

I liked the lines and color palette in this shot. A bit of a learning curve on this new camera (this was only my second roll through it). If anyone out there knows the Mamiya RB67, you can appreciate what a beast it is. These are all shot handheld with a 2-stop ND filter.

On to some black and white grills and engine details. This is a Morgan, but the model is unknown.

The badge is visible on this Jaguar, but I don’t know the model.

Obviously an MG motor. I believe it was an MGA.

Next time I will take better notes on what I am shooting. This time I was more interested in seeing compositionally and trying to figure out the Mamiya.




2 responses to “It’s All In The Details

  1. The yellow one is definitely a Lotus.
    Blue: Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

    I’m awful about taking notes while shooting at car shows. I try to remember to flip my camera to auto (so it’s just a jpg) and grab a shot of the entry form in the window which usually details the make, model, year, etc.

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