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4×5 Preview

Over the last few weeks I have been working with my Speed Graphic Miniature. Instead of using normal 4×5 negatives, which are difficult to develop, easily scratched and must be processed in total darkness; I have opted to use regular photo paper as negatives and contact printing the resulting images. Photo paper is easy to handle, cheaper than negative film, and can be processed under normal dark-room conditions. The only draw back is that the paper has an ISO rating of about 3. This means that in full sun at f/32 (I always use the same aperture for consistency in timing my exposures) a normal exposure is about 2 sec…These are a few of my more successful attempts, however they have not been digitized very well (somewhat soft focus). These really need to be viewed in person to appreciate the detail, sharpness and tonal range produced by this camera/paper combo…


tvC::Digital Vision::Death Valley 2012

Having recently posted photos of everyone who joined The Visual Collective crew in Death Valley, it is time to post some of the images I captured while there. Hit the link to see more… Continue reading

tvC::Daily Affirmations::Death Valley 2012

At the conclusion of yet another adventure with thevisualCollective, and as has become our tradition, I present you with the ‘Daily Affirmations::Death Valley 1.1’ If you are wondering why the above image has a pixelated look, it is because it is presented in glorious 3-D. Click the image to open it in a new window and experience portraiture in all three dimensions.

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