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Cicada Carapace Close-up

Found this little guy (or at least what’s left of him) clinging to a blade of grass at my friend Willie’s house. Plucked the grass, made a little stand and shot it macro style…

These Cicada shells are quite common, this one is smaller than average though, measuring only 7/8″ long. Shot at home with an sb-600 shooting through white paper for the backdrop and a small ring-flash as the on axis key. Nikon D300s, Nikor 55mm Micro lens.


Macro Moments

Just a quickie today. I like to shoot flies when I can, it is challenging and also could have other artistic implications if you are prone to giving meaning to things like that.

I got this guy to cooperate for a few frames before he flew off. Shot on my desk with a piece of paper,  a 55mm macro lens and a small cheap ring flash. Not too bad for 30 min work.