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Favorites of 2011 or Stealing Matt Beaty’s Idea For a Post…

I was recently on the Vault Photography Blog reading up on Matt Beaty’s latest post, Best of 2011 (be sure to check out what he is doing over there). What follows is an idea I¬†unabashedly¬†stole from Mr. Beaty and will present as my own below. What follows are a selection of some favorite images I made in 2011…(click to view slideshow)


This was a quick selection, not edited in any particular way nor do they appear in any order.
I probably have a few more that could have made it in, but this was all put together in just a few minutes.
On to 2012, thanks to everyone who made this year great.

photo shoot 2`5`2011 pt. 1 the story

This week saw a long harbored concept cone to life. About a year ago i had the idea to have a highly styled girl holding some poor chaps heart in her hand. It would be bloody, but not horror…more Gothic in theme. The male wouldn’t necessarily be dead either, it is kind of more of a succubus stealing your vitality thing. That was as far as the idea ever got, until about a month ago when i met Melissa Misfortune via Model Mayhem. keep reading to see a preview of images and find out how much trouble went into this shoot and how it almost completely fall apart a few times…

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