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200th Post…


I started this blog back in October 2010 as part of a project for a journalism class I was taking at Northern Arizona University. Little did I know that I would gather such an incredible international following, continue blogging at all, or even enjoy it…To celebrate this milestone, I want to finish the story that started it all. The Jerome Jamboree Volkswagon Convention. Please check out the first two parts, Part One Here, and Part Two Here…The assignment was over and I moved on to other projects, but now, here is the dramatic conclusion… Continue reading


Favorites of 2011 or Stealing Matt Beaty’s Idea For a Post…

I was recently on the Vault Photography Blog reading up on Matt Beaty’s latest post, Best of 2011 (be sure to check out what he is doing over there). What follows is an idea I unabashedly stole from Mr. Beaty and will present as my own below. What follows are a selection of some favorite images I made in 2011…(click to view slideshow)


This was a quick selection, not edited in any particular way nor do they appear in any order.
I probably have a few more that could have made it in, but this was all put together in just a few minutes.
On to 2012, thanks to everyone who made this year great.

Behind The Scenes/ Production Stills

© The Travel Channel 2011

After a week or two off of blogging it is time, my loyal friends and followers, for more new content from me, your humble narrator. In the past few weeks I have been busy shooting and processing Ragnar Relay: Northwest Passage. You can see some photos on my blog here. But that’s not all, as promised in my last post, and as foreshadowed in the picture above, I have new and exciting content to share…hit the link to see more and find out what’s the haps… Continue reading

Jerome Jamboree Pt. 2

After lunch I picked up my pack and headed in the direction of the Gold King Mine, which is a little over a mile from Jerome down a small two lane rode. After walking about three-quarters of the way an ATV pulled up and Mike, the operator and Gold King Mine employee offered me a ride to the front gate. In order to gain entry to the event for the weekend there was a $20 per carload entry fee. I showed up on the back of an ATV, I didn’t have a Volkswagen and they didn’t know what to do with me… Please follow the link below to read more Continue reading

Jerome Jamboree Part: 1

This weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the 20th annual Jerome Jamboree Volkswagen Bus Club camp-out. Held every year at the Gold King Mine just outside Jerome, Ariz. This festival of all things Volkswagen is a three-day party; only cars stamped with a VW logo get in and tie-dye is encouraged. Follow the link below to read the story… Continue reading