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Deserted Desert Drive

While on a recent trip into the California desert via State Rt. 62, I shot a few photos. Strange things exist in the California desert, here area  few of them…

Once again, disregard the pesky metadata provided by the slide show…all images were shot on my trusty Vivitar 35ca (which is more and more my go to travel camera) with Lomography XPro Chrome 100 film…



Starting out a weekend of new stuff, some man-made metal monuments.

Stay tuned all weekend for updates, new stuff and slightly less new that has never been seen (like the above images)…These were shot on the Vivitar 35ca.

Vivitar 35ca

Just a quick post to show an image from the first roll out of my Vivitar 35ca, a nice little rangefinder I have had for some time, but have not shot with. I have wanted something a little smaller and more inconspicuous for my carry around camera, and a rangefinder seemed like the perfect solution. This is shot on Kodak T-Max 100, pushed to 400. In the photo is Aaron working the kitchen line at Macy’s Coffee Shop. More to come in the nearish future…