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I Loves Me Some FujiChrome

I have been really enjoying shooting some 120mm FujiChrome Provia that was given to me by Dr. Gene Balzer, the retired head of the NAU photography program. We frequent the same coffee shop here in Flagstaff and one day he showed up with a large bag full of various 120mm color film. I gave some to my friend/colleague Andrew Paffrath and kept the rest.

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Lenny Walkabout

For any of you who might get a chuckle out of the title of this post I am sorry for the lost hours of your life that you will never get back (not really, it was fun). For everyone else, just know that I have been a little walkabout lately and have some street scenes to prove it. This post is a little all over the place, but hang tough and be rewarded. Hit the link to see what I have been doing the last few week or so…

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What I have been doing with my summer vacation…

Actually the title of this post is somewhat misleading. If you keep up with this blog you already know some of what I have been up to this summer; however, I have finally gotten past my negative digitizing roadblock and have a backlog of images for your viewing pleasure…

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abstract building collage diptych


For those of you who follow this blog extremely closely, you may remember seeing the above image a while back as part of a post I did when I received a Lens Baby. I liked the resulting Diptych style image so much I have been playing with the idea more…

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I got in really close for these

I spent the last week in Prescott, Ariz. and had a macro lens with me…I have been trying to get shots of insects and flowers lately…I like the challenge of making something (hopefully) better than average out of a very common subject…If nothing else it is just good to show others what I see…Make sure to click on the images to see them larger, some of the detail needs to be appreciated in a larger format…

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photo shoot 1`23 pt. 2

rubi and me in tunnel

Here is the second part of the behind the scenes look at my photo shoot on Sunday 1`23`2011, follow the link below to see some images from the shoot as well as a technical breakdown of how it all went down… Continue reading

photo shoot 1`23

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of shooting in Prescott with Rubi Vega and my buddy Julio. To see how it all went down keep reading… Continue reading